The Search committee would like to provide you with an update on how the search is progressing. We trust that you understand that the nature of a ministerial search, is such that our interaction with candidates must be held in confidence. We can, however, talk about our process in general. Our ad for a pastor was posted on our website, submitted to a national website, and sent to our current supply speakers in March. God is so good! To our delight and surprise over 50 candidates have submitted their profiles for consideration. It is an excellent list and one that we are delighted to consider in our search. How do we sort through that number?

Well in December the search committee asked the congregations for input on want was the most important aspects of ministry for our new pastor. The results of the survey is the information the committee is using to narrow our search. We want our new pastor to have these qualities:

  • effective preacher/speaker
  • compassionate and caring person
  • makes pastoral calls on people in hospitals, and nursing homes and those confined to their homes
  • builds a sense of fellowship among the people with whom he works

With that in mind, we also continue to pray for discernment and ask, “What does God want for our congregation?”

At our meeting we were so blessed to find candidates that matched our pastoral profile and were deemed a possible fit for our church. These candidates were sent our church profile to review. We also asked if they would be able to provide pulpit supply for us, our hope is to hear candidates preach multiple times before the committee makes its recommendation to the advisory board.

While awaiting candidate’s responses, we will continue to review additional profiles. As our process of discernment continues, we would be very grateful if you would keep the Search Committee in your prayers. If you would like a focus for your prayer time here are some suggestions.

Biblical Prayers for the Pastor Search Committee

  1. Pray for keen supernatural discernment, wisdom, and strength for the team. (Matthew 15:14)
  2. Pray for God’s clear direction in how resumes are collected, examined, and interviews conducted. Ask God to bring the right person to the attention of the team. (Proverbs 14:12,Isaiah 55:8-9)
  3. Pray for the team to have supernatural wisdom as to the unique characteristic and traits most needed for our church.
  4. Pray for the team to have no timetable but God’s. They must be determined to find God’s perfect will in God’s perfect time. (Ephesians 5:17)